Shari Larson Health and Yoga

Shari came to yoga to deal with headaches and pain related to injuries sustained as a young adult.  She found that yoga not only helped with the pain but also reduced stress and tension.  She received her 200 hr certification with Pamela Higley Yoga. She has completed various Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings including with senior Yin Teachers Bernie Clark and Sarah Powers.


Living life to the fullest is the focus of all Shari’s classes. She believes that if we connect with our bodies we can uncover what nourishes and sustains us so we can increase the longevity of our practices. Through the yoga practice we can strengthen the body, mind and spirit.  


Her Yin and Restorative classes allow time to explore the body mindfully.  Gentle stress helps the connective tissue become stronger and more supple, allowing practitioners to continue to do the active things they love to do. Longer holds helps stimulate the energy body to balance itself out, much like wringing out a sponge or kinking a garden hose.


Shari’s yang style classes focus on strength and stability. She loves to challenge the brain to use the body in new ways. All her classes honor individuality and the fact that there is no one way to do a posture.  She finds inspiration in teachers such as Cecily Milne, Jules Mitchell and Richelle Ricard.